Does method feeder get you more carp bites than boilies?

Some anglers prefer boilies as bait for carps while others rather use method feeder technique.

But which of these strategies actually works best for carp fishing?

Does method feeder get you more bites than boilies?

It is not easy to answer this question as sometimes carps prefer method feeder while other times they like boilies.

Also, both of these techniques are very different in nature.

Method feeder allows you to “search for the fish” with each cast and(e.g. you may cast your line to a different spot each time to find where the carp is) while boilies tend to work better if you just select one spot where you will be casting your line and throwing “feeding boilies” around your bait.

cast your line at this soit does not depend on feeWhile professional anglers usually recommend using method feeder is recommended for short fishing sessions

It actually depends on several factors, such as the fishing spot or time of the year.

Method feeder may work better in late spring and summer





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